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Curbstone® compliance enables the organization to be in control of all relevant regulatory information and channel the info into the daily process. Themes, streams and audit trails enable you to direct and process your information.


Grouping compliance subjects into themes and 'loading' these with regulation, Curbstone enables you to stay completely up to date with all relevant changes. Your organization's compliance priorities can be addressed and followed thematically, within an activity structure that automatically sends the right information and actions to the right people only.

Stay up to date on all relevant regulatory changes per theme, and follow the related actions until they have safely landed in the right spot within the organization.


Follow all relevant publications of all regulators of your choice, brought together within one clear and simple overview. No more need to separately sign up for all publications: Curbstone gives all team members access to exactly the streams they need. Now it is possible to make sure all information is read and handled structurally and traceably. Easy, fast... and reportable.

Audit trails

Distribute responsibilities, create and follow actions of all team members, and report easily and accurately on all relevant actions at any point in time. Curbstone's automatically structured action system facilitates you to distribute responsibilities and activities in a reportable and controllable fashion. Changes, themes and related actions can be seen and reported at any given moment, per person, per theme or stream, and centrally.

Core features

  • Themes
    Curbstone "Themes" provide a central place to keep track of applicable regulation per compliance topic.
  • Suggestions
    Themes can be setup to follow one or more predefined compliance topics maintained by ERC. All changes to these predefined topics will result in suggested changes to your themes.
  • Regulatory changes
    Curbstone detects changes in regulatory provisions and provides your organization the necessary tools to stay in control of these changes.
  • Streams
    Curbstone "Streams" enabled organizations to follow specific compliance sources. A broad set of information sources relevant for the Financial Services industry, are made available.
  • Review
    Updates can be reviewed quickly which enables your organization to stay in control.
  • Overview
    Curbstone enables your organiation to see which actions have been done and which actions are staying behind.
  • Reports