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In control of Financial Regulation

Manage compliance processes

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Curbstone Compliance brings teams together to work through regulatory changes, compliance updates and more. It provides one ce...


Curbstone Compliance puts your organization in control of the endless streams of compliance information. It b...


Curbstone Compliance automatically keeps records of all your actions. Immediately see who did what, when and ...

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Grouping compliance subjects into themes and 'loading' these with regulation, Curbstone enables you to stay completely up to date with all relevant changes.


Follow all relevant publications of all regulators of your choice, brought together within one clear and simple overview.

Audit trails

Distribute responsibilities, create and follow actions of all team members, and report easily and accurately on all relevant actions at any point in time.

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Why you should start using Curbstone® compliance,
according to our customers.

Using Curbstone has enabled us to create a fully controlled internal process that supports our legal compliance activities. From the description of our legal framework, to the signalling and addressing of changes, to the division of labour on the follow-up and the logging of all actions, we found that Curbstone offers appropriate and easy-to-use solutions. Furthermore, the reporting possibilities made our work a lot easier and faster.
We started using Curbstone because we were looking for a reliable system to keep us up to date on approaching new legislation. The functionality of Curbstone and the possibilities to start with relevant content helped us to get up and running in a very short time.